2016-12-22 15.07.04.jpgGarden of Reflection and Remembrance 

“The Garden of Reflection and Remembrance contains many elements that come together to create an area uniquely for contemplation. The labyrinth is a sanctuary for those who walk while they think, while benches offer a place for those who want to sit still. Water features add a soothing dynamic, while journals allow the community to express their emotions. Additional spaces commemorate the bravery of our veterans as well as historic university milestones.”

      Gardened Heart Journal Project 

“In the Garden of Reflection and Remembrance, journals sit on shelves under two benches, waiting for visitors to write on their blank pages. Throughout the seasons, students, staff, community members, parents, and alumni have filled these journals with quick notes, long reveries, hopes, dreams, and sorrows. The passage of time is indicated in the journals as the semester begins, midterms approach, finals come crashing down, summer nears, and graduation is celebrated.”

2016-12-22 15.03.41.jpg

For more information about the Garden click (Here) or check out the Journal Project Booklet …. (Gardened Heart Journal Project Booklet)