Feeling Stressed?

You are not alone. College is a super stressful and overwhelming experience, for most. “More than 80 percent of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do in the past year and 45 percent have felt things were hopeless.” With or without the stress, there can be moments of joy and happiness. We created these self-care tips to help you balance the ups with the downs and to encourage you to prioritize taking care of yourself. Explore our website to find a self-care strategy or resource that works for you!!

How does our executive team take care of themselves?;

FullSizeR1“Taking care of yourself requires time devoted to your physical, emotional, and social needs. I take care of myself physically by making sure I devote time to eating 3 meals a day. I try my hardest to exercise although that can sometimes take a backseat. Emotionally, I keep a journal. This allows me to prevent emotions from becoming bottled up. Finally, I take care of myself socially by also devoting time to spending time with my friends and talking to my family. This keeps my “social meter” filled, so to speak.” – Ferddy

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“In terms of self-care, I always make it a priority to eat well, work out, and get an appropriate amount of sleep. The better my body feels, the easier it is to take care of my mental health. In addition, one of my favorite self-care activities is coloring in order to reduce stress. It allows me to be creative while also allowing my brain to reset rather than focusing everything that I have going on at the time.” – Kristen





“To take care of myself I first have to make sure I am moving my body enough, if I don’t take care of my body physically (preferably through team sports or group fitness classes) I get restless and have a harder time focusing. To take care of my mental health in itself, I enjoy meditating. It helps me to take a second and evaluate what is going on in my head and brings clarity to a lot of situations. I also like to listen to music and do pencil cartoon sketches to help relieve stress.” – Cierra




“A lot of days, taking care of yourself can feel like a full time job. Setting an intention, such as, ‘When will I take care of myself today?’ is helpful. However, I am not always able to prioritize my mental and physical health on a daily basis. When I find time for myself, I meditate, practice mindfulness, go on walks, exercise my body, listen to music, or go hiking. I have found that nature is a beautiful way to reconnect with my true nature. Find your truth and what works best for you, my friend.” – Anthony