1 in 3 Terps

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This statistic comes directly from the University of Maryland, Health Center’s website. (Click here to be redirected to the source)

30 Day Wait Periods to Seek Help

Our intention for displaying this recording is to illustrate how wait periods from the Fall Semester of 2017 reached upwards of 30 days and beyond. Long wait periods were consistent throughout the semester, as confirmed by the audio recording. Before the 2017 Fall Semester, average wait times ranged from 2 – 4 weeks in previous academic semesters. Currently, we are aware of similar trends taking place in the Spring Semester of 2018.

The audio recording took place during the 2nd week of November (Fall Semester 17′), 30 days from the scheduled appointment.

If you would like to listen to the audio recording, please email umdsparc@gmail.com

Withdrawal Survey 2010-2015

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To download the PDF version of the entire document, click here (Counseling Center Stats)