Meditation Club at the University of Maryland 

2016-10-19 16.56.02.jpg“The Meditation Club at UMD is a group for people who are interested in meditating or who meditate in any style. We meet throughout the semester to share techniques for meditating and then meditate together for a bit. Check the Facebook group for details on our meetings (Facebook Page)

The club is also a platform for people to post links about meditation, ask questions about meditating, or get together with other people to meditate. Everyone is welcome to the group, no meditation experience required!”

Group Meditation Sessions at the Health Center 

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Cafh – Monday 6-7pm in the chapel lounge
Practice meditation and dialogue about ways to incorporate meditation into our busy daily lives. Keep calm and unfold!

UMD Bhakti Yoga Club

Friday at 6pm in the Nanticoke Room #1238, Stamp
Wednesday at 6-7pm in Memorial Chapel Lounge
Come for chanting, meditation, food, and discussion. End the hectic week and start the weekend filled with love and happiness! (They have really tasty food)

YesPlus at UMD

Providing tools at the individual level to mitigate stress, increase productivity, and build leadership and teamwork skills of the student community.

Buddhist Philosophy for Peace

Buddhist Philosophy for Peace is a community of students at University of Maryland engaged in on-campus activities that can promote world peace, humanism and happiness of people based on the philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism.