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What are Evolving Spaces? 

Evolving Spaces are environments that encourage conversation, sustained focus and attention, self-reflection, private study, group collaboration and many other possibilities, all without the distraction of technology.

Where can I find an Evolving Space?

Room 1200 of the Cambridge Community Center at the University of Maryland is the very first Evolving Space! (Spring Meeting Time TBD)…. feel free to stop by and experience life without the demands of technology (Make sure to check the Calendar outside of the door to see if the room is available!)

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Expectations for an Evolving Space…

We kindly ask that you turn off your devices and keep them out of sight or if you can avoid the temptation, airplane mode. You can also leave your devices in a cubbyhole provided in the room, but only if you are comfortable with this option.

How can I host an Evolving Space? 

Please reach out to us at umdsparc@gmail.com. We would happy to collaborate with your club or organization.