SPARC loves its Alumni! Our graduating seniors receive a green tassel, the color of mental health awareness, to thank them for their dedication to reducing stigma and broadcasting mental health resources on our campus. Check out their bios and photographs below!

Alyssa Schledwitz is a founding member of SPARC, and former Vice President of External Affairs who graduated in May of 2018. She is a Life Sciences Scholars alumna and neurobiology major/human development minor who hoped to give back to her Scholars community by strengthening the connection between students from all 12 programs. Alyssa has a special interest in issues of healthcare equity, immigrant and refugee rights,and mental health advocacy. You can find Alyssa playing guitar, hiking, or reading in the Co-op.

Anthony Sartori is a founding member of SPARC and former Co-President from its founding in 2015 until his graduation in May of 2018. During his time at UMD, Anthony studied psychology an hoped to increase the interconnectedness within the Scholars community to promote a healthier and more balanced living and learning environment. He wholeheartedly believes that we must offer our unconditional support and caring attention for those with and without mental health and substance abuse challenges. He is equally as passionate about self-care, mental health advocacy and equal rights for all. You can find Anthony in nature, hiking, traveling, reading, hanging with friends or taking photos (